7 Bathroom Remodel Tips for a Beautiful Room

Oh bathrooms and remodeling projects. They are a fun aren’t they? Right up there with kitchen remodels. The bathrooms and kitchens are rooms that are used daily several times and so, when you are remodeling those spaces, it really impacts your day to day while the dust is flying. So, I say, when you tackle a big remodel- do it right the first time to minimize the do-overs. Did I do that? No. I learned the hard way.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

Anytime you are renovating a space- it is exciting and an opportunity to do something different, something unique or something you have always wanted to do in design. And the first tip I would have is to do You. Follow what you love and what you want when designing any space. It will make you happy. That said, I have a few more tips for renovations and remodel projects with designs that have staying power and won’t be as likely to make you want to renovate again anytime soon.

bathroom sink in remodel

A Classic Design Base

Classic is just that- it never goes out of style and you can always add accessories, paint colors, etc. to give it a new look. First and foremost design your room to be something that has staying power. I tend to stay with neutral palettes for a backdrop- natural stone, subway tiles, etc. so I choose flooring and any tiles accordingly. But if you have a drywall bathroom, you can customize the classic with a pop of color in paint or a beautiful wallpaper to envelop the room. It is easy to add colors and patterns to a neutral base and make those elements work beautifully.

bathroom with subway tiles

Don’t Follow the Latest Trends

You know what a trend is with clothing- here one day, on the clearance rack tomorrow. And back again in about 30 years haha. But trends in home design are the same way. They are the latest and greatest looks that razzle dazzle everyone and Everyone wants it in their houses. But those trends will fade out -and there will be another latest and greatest look.

bathroom with antique sink


Splurges are fun, aren’t they? They give you permission to treat yourself so don’t be afraid to indulge in some details that you are crazy about. As a general rule – indulge on something you will really love and enjoy using. Put a bit more budget on staple bathroom elements- like creating a beautiful oversized shower or adding a soaking tub and fixtures that do double duty. Like elements that add to your aesthetic design but also give you the experience you are looking for- such as a rain shower head and wand for easier cleaning for example.

bathroom remodel with bathtub

Love it or Leave it

On that same note – leave out things that are not as important. That soaking tub we just talked about- if you are not a soaking tub kind of person- leave that out. It will free up some floor space and budget to go to something else. The perfect bathroom does not have to have a shower, tub and 2 sinks to be the perfect bathroom for you and your needs.


Layout Changes

Maybe you would like a whole new floor pan in the bathroom. A different door location. A different shower and toilet location, etc. Not saying you can’t change those things- but they will add a lot of work and budget. To keep costs down and ease of getting in and getting the remodel done – especially if you are doing it DIY- leave the plumbing and basics where they are and work with it.

DIY went wrong

I will admit- the first bathroom tiling we did was TERRIBLE. As in, it needs to be redone before it’s even done. The underlayment squished through into the grout lines, the tiles were uneven and sunken in some places – and yet bulging in others, and basically- it looked like it could be a BEFORE but it was the AFTER. No good.

bathroom with armor

But, you try and you learn and sometimes you learn that some jobs are better left to the pro’s. Anything involving structure, plumbing, electricity etc. is a pro job. My dad is a contractor and avid DIYer even having built his own home himself top to bottom- and even he will hire a pro to do some of the heavy lifting kind of work or those details he knows he is not going to be the best at . That said- of course, you can absolutely DIY your bathroom renovation if you are feeling up to it and have the skills and knowledge. Or at least have the knowledge to know if and when to call in a pro.

Skimping on what you love

Remodeling is kind of like art class when you were a kid. The clay in your hands can be molded to whatever shape and item you dream up. When you are redoing a room, think of it as an opportunity to create the room of your dreams. If that looks like a room that has to have an over the top chandelier, beams and planked ceilings that make your heart soar every time you walk in-do it. Don’t skimp on what you love and what you dream of doing in a remodel. Cut out the things that are not as important to you in favor of including what your heart desires- otherwise, you will probably always kick yourself for not staying true to you and your vision.

bathroom vanity

If you are at the top of the budget – look for second hand elements to fit in those dream dazzle pieces. Places like marketplace, eBay, architectural salvage and thrift stores- you can often find big impact pieces for very little. They might be from a big design job that changes direction or another remodel – but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they may work perfectly for you.

Of course, there are a lot more tips for remodeling or renovation or even redecorating rooms. I will do another post with a few more soon. And for some bathroom remodel inspiration and more tips- the bathroom Before was a bit of a doozy- but she cleaned up well I think.

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Happy Friday all.