7 Ways to Use Dried Flowers in Decorating

While flower bunches are always beautiful – dried flowers bring charm to a room as well. Whether you’re using them to create a romantic, vintage-style mantel or a versatile seasonal centerpiece, dried flowers are the perfect finishing touch to any room and can be used in all types of designs. We just talked about how to dry flowers in this post Here – so today it’s all about how to enjoy those flowers in your decor.

Dried Flowers Decor

1. Create a floral arrangement

A floral arrangement is a beautiful way to display your flowers. Whether you place them in a vase, a bucket, a basket, a pitcher, or even an old flower pot – a floral arrangement can help add an elegant charm to your decor all season long and bring an inviting feeling to your home.

dried autumn flowers arrangement

2. Hang them

One of my favorite ways to use flowers in decorating is by hanging them. Hanging them up can add a simple touch of old-world charm to any decorating space and is truly eye-catching. You can hang them on an old ladder, from open beams, a peg rack, or even in an open frame on the wall.

dried flowers in cottage

Whatever you prefer, displaying dried flowers by hanging is a great way to add a whimsical, farmhouse style to your decor.

3. Create a garland

If you’re feeling creative, creating a garland is another great way to display dried flowers. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just some seasonal decor, a garland is a great way to mix and match flowers and put them to use for months at a time. You can use them to adorn your mantels, as table pieces, or hang them above doors. Whatever you use them for, garlands are a great way to add texture and beauty to any space.

dried flower garlands

If you’re looking to make your own dried flower garland, here’s a simple DIY guide that can help you get started.

4. Design a wreath

Another DIY project you could do is to craft a dried floral wreath. This is one of my favorite things to do as the seasons change because you can craft a wreath with the flowers of each season or mix and match them as you please. Whether you hang your wreath on the wall, a door, or a cupboard door, dried floral wreaths are a great way to add a little charm to your home.

dried and fresh flower wreaths

If you’re thinking about making your own floral wreath, here’s a simple 15-minute guide to creating the perfect dried flower wreath.

5. Create a floral napkin

Another way to make the most of dried flowers in your design is to use them for floral napkin rings. This can add a nature-inspired touch to your table settings and can help add a touch of beauty to your decor.

dried flowers place setting

For this, you can just take a small piece of twine and gently tie a sprig of flowers to the napkin, and you’re all done. This design is simple, feminine, beautiful and perfect for romantic tablescapes and celebrations.

dried flowers place setting

6. Place on a coat

Placing dried flowers on a mantle is another great way to accent a room and bring a focal point to your fireplace. Whether you choose to mix and mingle your dried flowers with vintage bottles, empty frames, candlesticks, or vintage books, a dried flower mantel is a great way to compliment your favorite decor and help pull the look of a room together.

dried flowers on mantle

7. Drape around a mirror

Lastly, another way to add dried flowers to your decoration could be to adorn a mirror with some of your favorite flowers. You could do this with a garland, or just a few of your favorite flower stems to add a charming, feminine look. You can also simply plop a few favorite dried flowers into an old bucket for a simple moveable look.

dried flowers in a bucket

Overall, you can use dried flowers in just about anything in your decor. Whether you prefer to hang them or create a floral centerpiece, dried flowers add a timeless touch to a room and are a great addition to any space.
For additional ideas, check out my other post, 10 simple ideas for decorating with dried flowers, for more ways to use dried flowers in decorating.

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