Happy Weekend everyone. This week, the weekend view looks a lot like summer- warm weather, sunshine filled days and blooms in the garden.

Garden Blooms

After a long cold, crazy low snow and atmospheric rain filled winter- the garden is giving us so much love and energy right now. And I am soaking up every. little. bit of it. I wandered the garden this morning before the hot weather and gathered up a big basket of beautiful peonies- I’m obsessed as you know. I spent a bit of time clipping the spent lavender too and will do a blog post with more on that soon.

In case you missed it – you can see more about us peonies and the garden in this post

peonies in basket

Shade Garden Area

I mentioned we moved the garden fence last week to be able to enclose the cutting rose garden. So now, we have a place where a shade garden can go as well. Later today we are working on placing plants to create that garden and I am also on the hunt for a beautiful large fountain for the area as well. I will do a Before blog post soon to share some ideas.


Curly is one of our frizzle silkie chickens and he is a tiny tiny curly curly little guy. He weighs Maybe 1/2 lb but probably less and is a wild and woolly kind of a character. We named him Curly because he has the most unique frizzle feathers that are adorable and very curly. We were actually trying to find a different, more unique kind of name for him and we were calling him Curly Bird for about a week- and he decided he liked it.

We have found that the frizzled silkies are all a bit eccentric in personality and he definitely fits. He is often hiding under the cover of trees and in garden beds- but when you call his name, he pops out and comes running to you. Yesterday, another one of our chickens chased and spooked him and somehow Curly ended up in the cottage backyard and then into the property line area where the fence was knocked down by the tree damage. We spent a good 45 minutes looking for him before finding him. He was actually low crawling next to the coop fence trying to find his way into bed. Thankfully he was okay and the area without the wood fence that he managed to dash though will be finished being rebuilt in the next few days.

Even though he is a tiny guy (and missing a ton of feathers at the moment) he has found his voice and started crowing and sounds much bigger than he is. ha ha. He’s a little love bug.

Coming your way next week- shopping marketplace adventures- and probably one of the strangest ones yet. So, I had to go thrifting and will share what I bought home along with some ideas for decorating and entertaining fur summer. As well, there is a change in the living room- and you can get a sneak peak in this photo. Any ideas what it is? I will share that soon too.

Happy Weekend all.