Welcome to the Weekend View- this week, the view looked like sand and surf, family and fun.

Beach Getaways

My husband and I decided to take off for a few days this week for a little getaway. We were planning a bigger trip but pushed it back a bit for now. We have a family reunion at our house coming up quickly and lots of storm damage that hasn’t been cleaned up yet. So, we took a quick trip over to Capitola beach and stayed a couple of days for a staycation get away.

Capitola is such a beautiful beach town- full of charm and warm sunshine. Unfortunately, it got a lot of damage from the winter storms that came through earlier this year. Some of the businesses are rebuilding yet, some rentals are boarded up and the pier is closed – but much is open and even with a lot of downed trees and driftwood washed up – the beach is beautiful as always.

Toes in the sand

We stayed in a funky little hotel that was right on the water and enjoyed some down time sitting on the beach. It was so nice to listen to the waves and just slow down a bit.


We also did a little wandering and hiking in a local state park. Nicene Marks is full of beautiful canopy cover and gorgeous redwoods. We logged about 6 miles while exploring the trails. We stopped by the Advocate Tree which is a redwood tree that was over 1000 years old when it fell a few years ago and the wonky twisted grove where the trees grew in spiral formation.

Redwoods usually grow straight and sturdy so it’s an interesting grove of trees that are all wild and woolly.


Of course, always a favorite thing to do in Capitola- a little antique shopping. I left empty handed on this trip but found a whole lot of inspiration while shopping. We love to stop at Crawfords – always full of beauty!

On our way home, we were stopped by both of my parents’ homes and then went to our oldest sons’ house and played with the grand babies and had dinner. It was such a lovely way to wrap up the week!

A short and sweet Weekend View this week- but we have some fun posts coming your way in the next couple of weeks. I hope your weekend has been wonderful so far!