Beautiful French Country Style Table Linens

You might say that I am obsessed with checking and ticking stripe linens. And that would be correct. Ever since I discovered Charles Faudree and fell in love with his incredibly beautiful French Country style- I have also been in love with big buffalo checks, tickings, and gingham fabrics. From upholstery to throw pillows to table linens- I cannot get enough. You too? Then this post is for you.

Who remembers when the bedroom looked like this? This is my Charles Faudree inspired sofa from back when I first started blogging- you can read more about it here

French Country Table Linens

We have already established that I am obsessed… but the extent of the obsession? Well, it’s stacks high of different shades, colors and styles. I recently brought home a sage green buffalo check tablecloth that is incredible. I already have a more bold antique green cloth- but you know, I couldn’t resist adding another shade of green to the collection.

I kind of feel like table linens are so interchangeable that you can have several shades, sizes and colors and it is completely acceptable. Or maybe that is my disorder. Kind of like my antique chair disorder- there is always room for another because it is different than the others. All my fellow collection obsessed enabler friends get me. My husband? Not so much. ha ha. But table linens are way easier to store than antique chairs or cupboards, right? Though- at this point, I might need another antique cupboard to store them in. I’m okay with it. (Do you see how my brain works that out? ?)

In today’s French Country Buffalo and Gingham Check appreciation post- it is all about colors, sizes, styles and shades. In table linens, pillows and even curtains. Because, if you love it – you know how beautiful that pattern is.

How to Decorate with French Country Style Checks

Tip: How to decorate with French Country style checks? However it is you like.

Bring in some throw pillows to mingle with floral pillows. Add a layer of check to sheer curtains and frame your windows and French doors. Bring in a beautiful rug underfoot for another layer of charm. On the table. On the bed. On the couch. On the patio. You name it- those beautiful check patterns can go anywhere you would like to put them. As you can see, a favorite way for me to incorporate them is on the table so am sharing mostly those today. Table linens are easy to change the color and look as often as you would like and inexpensive to collect as well- so you can justify putting more cash towards that antique cupboard to hold all those linens. ?

Tip: Choose a flax linen cloth for a light look with a lovely drape- or a heavier duty cotton or polyester mix for a less expensive option that works perfectly.

Get The Look

What is your favorite way to bring a check pattern into your designs?

Happy Thursday all.

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