Do you Suffer from Instagram Worthy-itis?  (What It Means to Create a Sanctuary)

Sixteen years ago I coined a phrase, Magazine Cover-itis which described (all in fun) an affliction many who love design and decorating our homes could relate to at some level.

A healthy pursuit of inspiration, along with a desire to create and be surrounded by meaningful beauty in our homes can be so beneficial for our well-being.

But sometimes the inspiration fuels an inner tug of war with perfectionism, comparison or discontentment with what we have. That battle within can turn all the fun of design inspiration into an affliction that does not serve us or our home in the way we intended.

Do you Suffer from Instagram Worthy-itis?  (What It Means to Create a Sanctuary)

Back in 2007 we didn’t have Instagram, but we loved our monthly magazines! We’d flip through the pages in hopes of finding a room or two that would inspire us. I loved tearing out the pages to save in my home design notebooks. I would study every detailed design, which was both inspiring and educational.

But every now and then, magazine cover-itis would creep in. I’d become so immersed in the idea of ​​creating a perfect “magazine-worthy” space that I would lose sight of my own priorities. I would set expectations for my home didn’t match my reality :). As a mother of three, on a limited budget, my home felt more like a happy collision than chaos cover of a magazine worthy.

I laugh now that future homes actually DID end up in my favorite magazines. Nothing wrong with creating a home that becomes magazine worthy! While it was an honor I certainly didn’t see coming, turning my home into a sanctuary and then helping others to do the same (for the last sixteen years!) has been an even more rewarding opportunity!

Do you Suffer from Instagram Worthy-itis?  (What It Means to Create a Sanctuary)

These days, we can find more inspiration than we could possibly use to create a picture perfect showcase of a home. Ideas at the tip of our fingertips, all day long.

Just as it was before Instagram, inspiration hunting and idea gathering can be fun! Until it’s not. Depending on how and why you do it, and how you feel about yourself, or your home as a result.

The more ideas we look for, the more we may find ourselves overwhelmed by possibilities. We can become confused when it comes to how to use that inspiration to create our own sanctuary. Sometimes we might regret that inspiration influenced us to buy things we didn’t need. Or that we got so inspired by a trend that we embraced a design direction that wasn’t right for us or our home. Or worse, we can feel our home is unworthy to share with others, when we are discouraged by unattainable standards.

There are many unhappy people trying to keep up with the latest expectations for an Insta-worthy home.

Do you Suffer from Instagram Worthy-itis?  (What It Means to Create a Sanctuary)

For some, the pursuit of design perfection leads to what may be an even more destructive variant of the ol’ Magazine Cover-itis….Instagram-Worthy-itis.

Sadly, seeing our homes or ourselves as “unworthy” due to comparison and the influence of social media probably impacts far more people every day in various ways than Magazine Cover-itis ever did.

So what is the antidote to Instagram Worthy-itis?

The same antidote I used to overcome Magazine Cover-itis.

Treat your home as a sanctuary, not a showplace.

That doesn’t mean it won’t ever be as beautiful, or that your home won’t be worthy of sharing with others! Quite the opposite. A sanctuary begins with a different mindset, and takes a different approach to how and why it’s being created.

Do you Suffer from Instagram Worthy-itis?  (What It Means to Create a Sanctuary)

Does the idea of ​​creating a sanctuary inspire you?

My goal when I started The Inspired Room was to help others create a sanctuary. That’s still my goal! A sanctuary is a personal, meaningful and welcoming space for you and the people you love. It has so much more beauty than could ever be seen in an Instagram square.

A sanctuary isn’t just about what you show, it’s how you are feel when you’re in it. It’s not just about creating a picture perfect scene in front of the camera, but celebrating the beauty of your every day life behind it, too.

Do you Suffer from Instagram Worthy-itis?  (What It Means to Create a Sanctuary)

A sanctuary exudes a feeling of warmth. It’s designed to be a refuge for the storms of life. The hospitality you offer yourself and those around you sets the inviting mood. Your style is reflected through what you love, the stories you tell through your home and are inspired by the life you create.

Understanding just how beneficial a sanctuary can be to our well-being, as well as learning how to create one, is an antidote to discontentment, comparison, design confusion and more.

Let’s Create a Sanctuary …. together

You are invited to a comfy corner of the internet for people who want to turn their homes into their sanctuary.

Do you Suffer from Instagram Worthy-itis?  (What It Means to Create a Sanctuary)

As a member of the (all new!) HomeBody Gathering Place, you’ll find custom downloads and printables, mini-courses and workshops we’ve designed to inspire and encourage you as you create a sanctuary in every season, and so much more .

We’ll share relevant ideas, topics and motivational challenges to help each of us achieve our own unique sanctuary goals. Best of all we’ll be on this journey together. You’ll be able to slow down, find the encouragement you need and be inspired by like-minded friends who are also passionate about creating a sanctuary.

If you would enjoy a community like this, we hope you’ll join us! Invite your sisters, friends, neighbors, moms or daughters, and let’s do this!