April 29, 2023

Life has been a bit pooptastic of late with the little ones leg being really, really tricky. However, things are now getting better so I really do have some lovely things to share that come to mind right away *finally… she says.


Here are my Five Fab Things from this week.

1. Getting some greens

Oh my goodness! I didn’t know how much we missed seeing green until we saw it. Now the little is much more mobile on her crutches *and much, much better in general, we were able to take a trip to Capel Manor Gardens (North London). We love this place! We wondered about a bit, and had a bite in their café – so nothing too adventurous. But, isn’t there something lovely about just being in a space with no expectations, and seeing how the day unfolds.

Capel Manor Gardens

2. A can’t put it down book

Aside from reading lots of picture books and middle grade fiction (because I like to write for the younger age group), my most favorite reads grown up are those of historical fiction… and ermm… fluff! As in, all the squishy, ​​marshmallow-ness of a gooey chit-lit! Haha!!! I know *please don’t judge. BUT, little did I know when this amazing title fell into my hands…. that I would not be able to put it down!

Wrong place wrong time book

Wrong place, wrong time by Gillian McAllister is totally gripping. It’s a crime thriller *that I wouldn’t normally read, that cleverly works backwards from the time of the murder. And the question is… can you stop a murder after it’s already happened? Ekk!!!

3. Back to school and saved by the bell!

The little one is back to school!!! Oh hooOOooray, hooray!


It’s been a tough few months of home schooling *because of the leg. She’s still bravely adjusting, and determined not to give up getting into school – even when her legs resemble a swollen tree trunk. I really don’t know how she does it, but it’s so lovely to see her smiling all the way up to her eyes again.

4. I’m a Golden Egg!

I’m really excited to share this find with any writer of children’s fiction out there. The Golden Egg Academy – a fantastic place to be in *virtually speaking if you want to develop your writing craft. There are a number of writing courses from short to a whole year long.

You Golden Egg Club to join. I’ve recently joined the club, and I cannot tell you how brilliant it’s been so far. There are regular live webinars with industry-led Editors and Authors (you can ask questions and they will answer!), mini courses and mini master classes to access in your own time, and a super active Facebook group. It’s put the biggest bounce back in my step! And this last week I’ve been non-stop writing… which is my absolute favorite thing to do.

Golden Eggs

*Just for fun we were asked to create an egg using any medium. No pressure at all, but a lovely exercise that got everyone talking.

5. A quote to remember


Some sound words from @joyfulnessupply – Sometimes you don’t get what you want because you deserve better.

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