I’m excited to tell you about a new book, called French Blooms, published by my dear friend, Sandra Sigman.

French Blooms

French Blooms shares Sandra’s love of flowers, and illustrates her inspiration that comes in large part from the time she spent living in France. Creating a book is an adventure. From outlining the concept to the writing, the photography, and then of course finding a publisher, it feels like running a marathon.

I was privileged to run part of the race with Sandra when she visited me a few years ago. Sandra stayed with me here in Normandy, along with another friend, the ├╝ber gifted photographer KIndra Clineff. They came to shoot for the book, and also shoot my garden for a magazine, and I honestly think that on that trip, Kindra took the best pictures I have ever had of our garden. Sandra also invited me to write the foreword for French Blooms, and that was fun to do.

French Blooms

Sadly, dear Kindra has left us. But I will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

If you’ve never been part of a photo shoot, let me tell you how it works. A shoot is a happy collision of good ideas, talent, styling, and the right weather. Oh yes, and when they happen here, a couple of dogs! And, invariably, something will go wrong in the middle of it all.

French Blooms

Kindra was one of those photographers who were willing to get up at dawn to catch the light. So, our working days last from 6 am through till after dinner at midnight. We styled, we picked flowers, we chased light and shadows all day long and it was all worthwhile.

Sandra worked her magic with the flowers, Kindra kept her eyes on the light and shot thousands of images, I gave a hand in the background and the dogs popped up in quite a few shots, as they believed that it was their job to pose for photos .

For French Blooms, Sandra took many other photos as well. But I am proud that so many have kept our photo session together.

French Blooms

In a few days, I’ll be in the South of France on tour with Sandra. We’ll also be joined by another talented floral designer, Lucy Hunter. I’m really looking forward to our creative time together, and to share our joy of flowers with our guests in Provence.

You may like to know that we have both of their books available in the MFCH Boutique, here.

French Blooms
All photos by Kindra Clineff