French Cottage Attic Inspiration & Ideas

Attic Ideas

Our attic is a room full of vintage charm and lots of fairytale romantic touches. From floral covered beds to well-loved rugs, pine plank floors and wood plank walls and ceiling. It is a quirky little space that has low ceilings on the sides and a high pitch in the center of the room. The charm starts with the steep and narrow staircase that leads up to it- and it just continues from there.

Admittedly, currently, the attic is looking a bit like a storage space. We have some boxes and extra things being stored in the half of the room you don’t usually see in photos. But we are in the process of moving those and getting ready to do a bit of a refresh here. So today, I am sharing a look back at the attic and a few of my favorite ideas for this room. You can see more of what it looks like currently in this post HERE

Flower filled Furniture Ideas

Much of what inspires me for the attic is all about that ‘cottage core’ aesthetic. It honestly isn’t something new- what they call ‘cottage core’ many call English cottage country style. So you are probably already quite familiar with the look. It is a look that is a nod to those layers of lovely in romantic, cottage and nostalgic inspired homes.

And for me- that means flowers and vintage flowers on repeat. I have always loved floral painted furniture- and that love is going strong even now. There is something so lovely about scrolls and flourishes with flowery details. I have shared some of my favorite flower filled furniture finds over the years here- and, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pieces to decorate the room. Currently, these vintage aqua painted beds are in the attic. I love the colors and style of these – they are dainty and delightful and full of old patina and charm.

On the other side of the attic- this day bed serves as a space to sit for a bit. It is a favorite of mine from the fabrics to the painted patina and so it will be staying.

Another layer of lovely- Wallpaper

While I love the wood plank walls – I have to admit that I am looking at doing some kind of a floral wallpaper – at least on one wall. I love the idea of ​​a cozy warm room enveloped in patterns and charm for a warm and welcoming English cottage style – with a French twist. Because, c’est moi.

A closer look at one of my favorite patterns – that lovely French floral ticking. So maybe something along these lines for the wallpaper would be pretty. But I do love an all over vintage and ditsy florals too. Here are a few I found while doing a quick glance the other day. *affiliates

Layers of Lovely

If you are looking for layers of lovely florals- here are a few ways to incorporate layers of vintage florals in your room.

  • Wallpaper- French floral or floral ticking adds a charming backdrop to start with
  • Furniture – vintage and antiques with hand painted details – look for pieces that are hand painted for a unique look.
  • Linens- floral tickings, needlepoint pillows, curtains- go with what you love! Keeping things in a similar color palette or tone is key when using several layers of patterns.
  • Rugs- Aubusson floral rugs are perfect for vintage floral style- reproductions offer a lovely look as well at a fraction of the cost.
  • Pillows- Aubusson, needlepoint, vintage fabrics that are faded- perfection! I love to scour the thrift stores in the stacks of fabrics and table linens for pieces to create pillow covers.
  • Artwork- old floral oil paintings- or new reproductions- these are so beautiful in various sizes, similar but different frames grouped on a wall.
  • Lighting- tole chandeliers, lamps and even candlesticks are charming.
  • Flowers in vases- fresh and faux are lovely to add that special touch anywhere. In a room with layers of florals- it can be the finishing touch.

New Old Treasures

I mentioned that I recently found some new treasures for the attic- and they just might be setting the tone for a completely different color palette than I had in mind. You might be surprised- or maybe not. Working on getting them cleaned up and photographed so come back here on Wednesday for a first look at them.

You can find more inspirations on my Pinterest Board for the Attic.

What are your favorite French cottage style elements for decorating a room?

Happy Monday all.