Need a hand being handy? Know a Mr. Fixit who doesn’t live up to their name? Did DIY turn into “Ahh, I have a spring in my eyes!!!”?

Don’t despair at the failure.

The Vancouver Public Library (VPL) may have the list for you.

They came up with a list of 20 books to help people help themselves. And a DVD.

“Don’t despair if you are aghast at the state of your home, or have a need to make improvements. These books (plus one DVD) will provide you with all the tips and tutorials you will need,” says the library on its site.

The books range in subject matter, from the essentials (the Essential Home Skills Handbook) to how to fix stuff (How to Fix Stuff) to fruitful repairs (The Cheap Handyman).

All the books are part of the library’s collection and were published within the last five years. Visit the library’s site to find out about borrowing them.

  • How Big Things Get Done: The Surprising Factors That Determine the Fate of Every Project, From Home Renovations to Space Exploration and Everything in Between

  • Create your Dream Home on a Budget: Practical Advice, Inspiration, and Projects

  • Essential Home Skills Handbook: Everything You Need to Know as a New Homeowner

  • The Hardworking Home: A DIY Guide to Working, Learning, and Living at Home

  • Healthier Homes: A Blueprint for Creating a Toxin-free Living Environment

  • How to Fix Stuff

  • House Poor No More: 9 Steps That Grow the Value of your Home and Net Worth

  • The New Design Rules: How to Decorate and Renovate From Start to Finish

  • Probably This Housewarming: A Guide to Creating A Home You Adore

  • Plumbing Repairs for Absolute Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Perform Most of the Common Plumbing Repairs in and Around the House

  • Downton Shabby: One American’s Ultimate DIY Adventure Restoring His Family’s English Castle

  • Basic Home Repair & Maintenance: An Illustrated Problem Solver

  • The Cheap Handyman: True (and Disastrous) Tales From A Home Improvement Expert Guy Who Should Know Better

  • Misadventures of a DIY guy: hammer and duct tape are not always the answer.

  • Family Handyman Whole House Repair Guide

  • House Story: Insider Secrets to the Perfect Home Renovation

  • The Book of Home How-to: Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair & Improvement

  • The Book of Home How-to: Complete Photo Guide to Outdoor Building

  • House Lessons: Renovating A Life

  • Most Requested Projects

  • Threebirds Renovations

  • Fundamentals of Home Maintenance: From Repairs to Renovations