Summer is all about light, bright and airy- with a burst of warm sunshine and pretty and when it comes to bedroom decor- summer bedroom style is all about that too.

Summer Bedroom style on nightstand

Refreshing the bedrooms for summer is a simple and such a fun thing to do. From fresh linens to fresh flowers – and today for Friday Favorites- I am sharing a few of my tried and true styling tips to create a summer bedroom that your guests (or yourself) will love- along with some ideas for getting the look in your ownhome. Stay tuned for a few changes I have recently made in the bedroom. Waiting on one thing to arrive and then I will share how simple changes can make a room feel completely different.

Summer Bedroom Style

Summer bedroom bedding

Simple & Sweet

I’m a big fan of simple and sweet in Any room. I like those sweet prints that don’t feel TOO sweet. A blush that isn’t TOO pink. Or a detail that is not TOO over the top. But I want all of those things in a room at the same time. The key for me is balance.

Summer hats on the wall


This is a big one for me. I am a BIG Texture loving girl. The finish and feel of the fabric, the way the light lands on it, the way the texture plays simple and sweet. I love beautiful linen- that nubby texture that is also so soft is pretty much perfection. On the bed right now- I have a layer of pretty, simple & sweet AND texture with this faded floral duvet cover- one of my favorites.

summer floral bedding

A layer of Luxurious

Okay- moving beyond the simple and sweet and texture- the favorite finishing touch is a layer of luxurious to wrap up in. I found this rich velvet dark blue quilt during winter- and yes- the blue is a bit bold for my usual. But in the sun it leans softer more slate gray – and even a lighter color depending. And I absolutely love the way the floral print plays with it. Even though velvet might be a bit ‘heavy’ in feel and appearance for winter- I have left this quilt at the foot of the bed to add that touch even if we are not layering on the bed and using.

summer velvet quilt

Summer Nightstand Details

You might have noticed that my nightstands are not nightstands. They are chests of drawers, sideboards, etc. Instead of a grab the whole room matchy matchy look- I like to collect, mix and mingle. In our bedroom- I have an antique French commode that I have used for years as my nightstand. The gilding is worn in places and the faux marble top is beyond chippy but I love it just as it is. So what do I place on it? A lamp, flowers, candles and an old antique mirror.

And when I am not taking photos, you will find my phone charger, my laptop, a notebook & pen with notes and work planning and water as well. But that isn’t exactly pretty for sharing. So, when styling it for how I would love it to look everyday- or for guest rooms- I go for summer romance with flowers.

flowers on nightstand

Currently we have peonies and garden roses blooming in the garden- along with a few other pretty herbs and bits. Simply wandering and clipping what you can find in your yard is a simple way to create a beautiful arrangement – ​​it can be a single flower or something bold. You can also check your local grocery store for what is in stock. I will share the breakdown of this arrangement & how to create it in another post.

roses on summer nightstands

Summer Guest Bedroom

  • 1. Fresh Flowers – because they instantly make the room feel indulgent and beautiful. These are camellia’s & hellebores clipped for this photo shoot in one of the guest bedrooms.
white summer bedding
  • 2. A basket with towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toss away toothbrush, etc. for weary travelers who might have forgotten to pack something.
roses on vanity
  • 3. A plush robe is always a welcome touch for guests to enjoy – I place a couple of them in the guest bathroom to use if they would like.

What does your perfect bed with layers of linen look like?

summer bedroom style nightstands

Do you love layers of linens and linens on the bed? What is your go to way to style your bedroom for summer? Lots of flowers? Fresh bedding?

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