How to create a magic filled table setting

I am all about creating a setting full of magic. Whether it is a table for 2 or 20, a simple family gathering in the backyard or a special occasion get together. It’s all about setting the stage for a magical gathering that will treat your guests and create wonderful lasting memories.

Magic Filled Table setting

First and foremost when setting a table for friends or family – most folks think of what they will serve and plan the menu. My menu planning looks a little different. I don’t start with the food- I start with the ambiance and setting the stage. I think about where the table will be set, the twinkle lights and candles, flowers and place setting details- right down to the flatware for the occasion. It’s all about the little details and special touches. And after all those plans are in place – then, I think about the food and what I will serve. Backwards for sure haha.

Tip: Start with the backdrop and overall feeling you would like to create for your gathering. Think of where to place the table, what type of ‘ambiance’ you will add. What colors for your flowers and linens. etc.

Foliage Filled Centerpiece

For this setting- we simply moved the table to this patio where the lion fountain & ivy wall and pergola overhead a played part in creating the ambiance. I wanted to keep it simple with a garden charm and since I didn’t have fresh flowers on hand in the colors I was thinking, I pulled out the Marseille Meadow garlands that I designed for Balsam Hill. Placed in the center of the table – they created a charming look with sage color foliage, purple berries and rosy toned wallflowers mingling with white ranunculus.

Tip: I love to use a garland or 2 on the table for a centerpiece that runs the full length of the table and creates a beautiful elegant look that is also low enough for guests to chat over.

Place Setting Details

The place settings are simple white embossed plates with lilac check napkins and vintage silver tied with a velvet ribbon. I also brought out some favorite vintage thrift store find floral etched coupes for a bit of elegance.

Tip: You don’t need full matching sets of flatware, plates or wine stems to create a beautiful table. Mix and mingle mismatched pieces for the place setting creates a charming look that feels like it has been gathered and curated.

Adding that Magic

Of course, probably my favorite element- that magic. I love to add magic to any setting. Here are a couple of my favorite ways to create ambiance.

  • Candles- a warm and cozy glow on the table- and everyone looks beautiful by candlelight
  • Fairy light lanterns- simple on the table, above or even below to light up the surrounding areas
  • String lights- cafe, fairy lights, lanterns – all lovely above a table
  • Chandeliers – unexpected outdoors and full of magic

For this setting, I used the pergola overhead to create a starry night feeling. I simply tied each mini lantern to the board with wire and positioned them above the table.

Tip: Create layers of magic by adding different elements. Candles on the table, lanterns above and string lights in the background create a setting that is filled with magic and wonder.

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What do you think of this magic filled table setting?

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