The school announcing on Wednesday the $20 million makeover will start in 2024 with the stadium opening in 2026.

NORFOLK, Va. — Old Dominion University announced on Wednesday that they’ve opted to delay the renovation of Bud Metheny Ballpark. It would affect just one season of baseball and not two for the planned $20 million makeover of the 40-year-old stadium.

The beginning of construction was to start January of 2024, but according to ODU Athletic Director, Dr. Wood Selig, the timeline would have been too tight to start on time.

“There’s a lot of preliminary work that still needs to be done,” Dr. Selig said. “Just given the time it’s going to take to formalize the stadium design and budget, we got a little nervous.”

The Monarchs will play on campus next spring with the stadium opening in 2026. Head coach, Chris Finwood agreed with the delay saying it’s “a smart move,” and is hopeful of playing some late-season 2025 games at the new stadium.

The stadium is expected to seat 2,100 fans, along with standing room expected to accommodate hundreds more.