Unattended pools, those without circulation, chemicals, or cleaning don’t last very long. They turn green within weeks and become a home for frogs, mosquitoes, and gnats in months. Pool surfaces will deteriorate if left unattended for too long. How do you open a neglected swimming pool?

You’re welcome! We’ll be discussing the best practices to open and maintain a neglected swimming pool today.

To Drain or Not to Drain?

Gunite pools may make the decision easier. For best results, the pool should probably be drained. Draining a pool is risky for vinyl and fiberglass pools. Vinyl liners may relax when the water is removed. If the liner has been in use for a long time, it could shrink and break. Fiberglass pools can be relatively light, but water removal may cause them to shift or pop out of their ground.

It can take a long time to restore neglected water. It may cost hundreds of dollars in pool chemicals. Even though the water eventually clears up, it still contains the dead organic material and cellular memory from the swamp that it was once, making it harder to avoid future algal problems.

Draining the pool can also be done to remove stains. Acid washing restores a finish by removing a thin layer of plaster and exposing fresh plaster beneath. Draining the pool is another option if you want to repair the fiberglass or plaster, or replace the liner.

Drain the Pool

A trash pump is the best option for pools with a lot of debris that has been neglected. It can be rented by the day and comes with a suction hose and discharge hose. This will drain your pool in less than an hour. This machine can also remove leaves, twigs, and solids up to the size of golf balls.

A submersible or smaller gas pump can be used if the pool is relatively clean and free of large debris.

Follow these guidelines to prevent your pool from floating or a pool that is empty from popping out of the ground.

  1. Assess the topography.
  2. Avoid draining immediately after heavy rain or during periods of wet weather.
  3. Discharge water downhill and far from the pool.
  4. Open the hydrostatic plugs on the floor when water reaches it (plaster pools only).
  5. Fill the pool as quickly as you can.

After draining the pool, it can be acid-washed or pressure-washed (plaster only). Vinyl and fiberglass can also be cleaned using a mild soap, and low-pressure cleaning.

Fill the Pool

Filling an inground swimming pool with the hose can be a concern for those who have a well on their property. They worry that they will “burn up the pump” or run the well dry. It is possible to fill a pool from the well in most cases. However, it may take a long time.

In most places, pool water can be trucked in. However, it can be costly. Filling a swimming pool with a truck can be expensive. Filling the pool from the truck and then from the well is a cheaper option. You can also start from the well and finish from the truck if necessary.

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