A lot has changed for Tamra Judge since she last appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County — and that includes her kitchen! Ahead of her Season 17 return to the franchise, the fitness buff gave BravoTV.com a tour of her renovated kitchen. And, if you want our opinionsthe space looks fantastic.

Tamra Dishes on Her Kitchen Renovations

In the clip above, the Two Ts in a Pod co-host invites cameras into her revamped kitchen. “It has been a long time since you’ve toured this house, and let me tell you: There’s been a lot of changes,” Tamra says.

Indeed, Tamra shared a peek at some of the renovations that were going on in her Covenant Hills home last summer. At the time, she and her husband Eddie Judge were “on to stage two” of their home improvement work. It seems like tons of improvements have been made since then!

As she leads the cameras inside her home, Tamra reminds Bravo viewers that she’s living in the house where Eddie lived when she first met him.

“The kitchen literally used to have two islands. Remember, the two islands were in here?” she says. “Well, [we] got rid of those [and] put in one big island.” The new island has gleaming porcelain countertops.

Eddie’s “Professional” New Appliances

The new kitchen has a “professional stove and oven,” Tamra shares, explaining that the new appliances were for her foodie husband. “Eddie’s home a lot more now, and he loves to cook, so this is his baby,” she said, patting the stovetop.

During her kitchen tour, Tamra also points out a pot filler faucet above the stove. “Love that,” she says of the handy fixture.

Why Tamra and Eddie Moved Back to Covenant Hills

Tamra and Eddie first moved back to Covenant Hills in 2020, when they got an unexpected offer in the Coto de Caza house they were living in. At the time, they had been using Eddie’s former Covenant Hills home as a rental property.

“Two hours after we got the offer on our Coto house, the renters in our Covenant Hills house gave notice they were moving,” Tamra explained of the move on the Jeff Lewis Live podcasts. “I knew then God was giving me a sign, and we needed to trust him.”