It doesn’t matter what type of facility you operate – a retail space, residential accommodations, or office space, the health and well-being of the roof will be paramount to your tenant’s satisfaction. Let’s look at the common problems that afflict a commercial roofing system.

There are Issues Caused that Are a Result of Commercial Roof Leaks

Mildew and Mould Growth

Without a doubt, water is the greatest threat to any roofing system, and the threats come in many different directions. When water invades a roofing system and is left to sit without drying, it will create mould and mildew that can cause respiratory problems when the spores are inhaled. The petri dish that is your roof leak will support mould growth – it needs three things – water, air, and food to proliferate at an amazing speed. The peak provides the water; indoor conditions add the air mould needs, and any substance – from drywall to carpet will be the host for mould to feed off.

Wood Rot

When wood is under pressure from water and mould, it becomes spongy; that is where wood rot originates. Once wood rot sets in, it compromises the integrity of the wood to maintain the structural integrity of the roofing system, leaving it vulnerable to collapse. When the degradation has become so bad, it can’t be repaired; a complete roof rip-off is needed to remove the trusses and rafters to ensure structural integrity.

Damaged Insulation

Your insulation is at risk when you have a roof leak. It works like this, water rains on the insulation and collapses the air pockets that the insulation uses to slow heat loss. Once the air pockets have been flattened, your insulation is no longer performing as it should, and a complete insulation replacement will be absolutely necessary to prevent heat loss and sky-high utility bills.

Fire Hazards

Oil and water don’t mix, nor do electricity and water – it creates a fire hazard when water impacts an electrical system. When water leaks into the roofing system, it will engage the wiring necessary to power your building; once that happens, exposed wiring will provide the ignition a fire needs to start.

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